Calm Before the Storm

by Strange Clouds

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We invite you to our world filled with sensitivity and stormy weather. „Calm Before the Storm” is a manifesto to anyone who puts the quest of finding harmony and balance above everything else. It's a musical odyssey, a tough and unforgiving journey composed in a strangerock fashion. At last, it's a revolution, inspired by vintage vibe, capturing timeless values of unity and love. It's up to you to decide if you want to join us.

Stay Strange & forward Revolution!

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All rights reserved, STRANGE CLOUDS ©, Poznań/Poland, 2017


released March 5, 2017

recorded, mixed and mastered:
Łukasz Frankowski Studio Decybelia
design: Sebastian Straburzyński (
covert art: Noriaki




Strange Clouds Poznań, Poland

How strange are you?

Strange Rock from Poland.

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Track Name: Heal the Ghosts
I feel like I am
Walking on sunshine
In its flames
My sins burn

Heal the ghosts
Let the guilt go
Get over
Seven generations
I feel reborn and blessed
Though it seemed I was doomed

Oh I say hello
To reality
I can see things
How they are

Oh I say hello
To reality
Feel the light
With my mind’s eye

Oh yeah I am
A walking God shrine
After a wheel of fortune
Has turned
Track Name: Black Souls
We're in the middle of a highway baby
and we don't know where to go
as time goes by and
rides like a fuckin' rodeo
fuck those zombies honey
pack your things and head right on

One feet to this world sugar
one to the aquarell side
it's time to set the fire
and dance to the end of it all
blinded by the holy lights
we're waiting for the end of our love

come on take it for real

As we watch our hearts burnin'
as we speak in tongues with our black souls
we hope to find the answer
no matter how awful it hurts
come on take it for real yeah!
Track Name: Jupiter
One step lower
and i'm not alive
i can't resist the urge of going down
my feet so cold they barely follow the ground
(it's)another skinny, hot day in the City of Sands
my open eyes (are) bleeding for the perfect form
my body's no longer a pit for my soul
and yet again i crawl in this uniform
the lizard skin made of lizard flesh and bones

get away let mind creeping
find a place and let thoughts grow in a different way
let them spread
breathe them in and surrender yourself
'cause there's not really that much to lose
the artificial metal-plastic mechanisms of abuse
the vicious eyes full of little lies about eternity
the constant need that'll never be fulfilled

listen, it's the symphony of swarm
'cause we're born to our graves since the day we were born
and all the voices inside our heads are just
rhythms of the dead that lead you nowhere
Track Name: Perdurabo
I'll persevere Even after death
Keep my direction Toward the light
I will endure To the end
Won't get lured Into the dark again

After a walk through fog
And misty clouds of doubt
Comes cease of helpless season
My life is a new one


On top of the pyramid
Once more as a whole
A greater work moves my
Mind, feeds a feeble soul

Track Name: The Tempest
Seems i'm a parasite
where i feed is where i go
crawling in the coldest place in a need
of something warm the cool feel of pleasure is running down my back
while the black testimony of lies is slowly turning me into dust

how slowly i could fall
how calmly i could die
in this shallow hole of silence
when no one's alive

together but in different waves we drown
locked in a little room with everything messed inside
is it a dream, is it poison multiplied
by empty bones of mine resonating the other side

how slowly i could fall
how calmly i could die
in this shallow hole of silence
when no one's alive